Welcome to the #PittsboroRevolution



Bernie Sanders has inspired us all, & I was proud to be a North Carolina Party Leader Delegate at the Democratic National Convention.

But voting for Bernie at the DNC Convention was not the end of the Political Revolution!


I am seeking the office of Pittsboro Town Commissioner – the election is on November 7, 2017. I hope to earn your support – & if you are a Pittsboro voter, I hope to listen to your concerns & earn your vote.


Why start a local campaign so early?

We must have a dynamic bench of young, fresh, and ready to run candidates in every race across the state of North Carolina in 2016 through 2020 from the local to the federal level. I hope to inspire other young people, who decide that #EnoughIsEnough & step up to run for office.

We must give hope to the disenfranchised that there are true public servants who are #NotForSale & are willing to stand up to the political class & campaign professionals whose only motivation is to get rich quick off of campaigning by creating a system of gridlock funded by special interests.